Thursday, June 30, 2022

Adventures in Salado TX : Deer & Magnolia Pearl clothes

I recently took a short trip to visit a girlfriend in Salado TX.  It's a small town north of Austin in the Hill Country region of TX.  My friend has a gazillion deer on her property; probably because she feeds them twice a day.  They are the best trained deer in TX.  If she doesn't have chow around mealtime, they'll come nosing around the patio or even come into the open garage!  I definitely enjoyed seeing them! 

One of the days I was there we took a stroll through the local shops.  One shop had a large selection of Magnolia Pearl clothes.  Magnolia Pearl is a Fredericksburg TX company known for their raw edge look.  I was immediately intrigued because this is the 1st time I've seen the clothes in a store. 

This lightweight coat really caught my eye.  All the diamonds are machine appliqued to a muslin base.  The edges are left raw and are already a bit shaggy.  Truly a serious amount of work--I believe the clothes are now sewn in India. 

Yep, I loved this one!  (below)


The bead shop had a few treasures I can use on my current Crazy Quilt.  I had to buy the deer charm!  

A fun trip!  

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Machine Quilting & a Vintage Quilt

I've been nervous about starting the machine quilting on this commission tshirt quilt because the customer gave me a microfiber sheet for the backing.  I usually use cotton or cotton sheets.  I didn't know how the microfiber (polyester) fabric would behave.  As it turned out, I wasted a lot of time and mental energy worrying.  It was fabulous!  I was also able to do some fun freestyle stitching.  The "fingers" just appeal so much to me.  I'm going to experiment with them more. 

Recently a friend gave me a vintage bowtie quilt that had been given to her.  She didn't have any use for it.  It intrigues me a bit.  The colors definitely suit me and it's very soft with minor repairs needed.  It's main issue:  it's very lumpy; very lumpy. 
I'm uninterested in taking it apart.  It's hand quilted.  I might consider cutting it up but I know I'm probably not going to do that.  At least not anytime soon.

What would you do with it?

In other news, I was accidentally exposed to COVID on Sunday.  I gathered with Hawkins' family and one of his son-in-laws thought he had a head cold.  By late Sunday night he was running a high fever and 2 COVID tests came out positive immediately.  Monday morning we all got the news.  I'm hoping the vaccines and boosters I took protect me.  Tomorrow is the 3rd incubation day so I'll find out soon enough. 

It's excruciatingly hot here.  Hawkins and I are seriously looking for a cool spot to land in July.  Not the best time for a road trip with gas prices hovering around $4.50/galloon but we've had an offer for a stay in clear and cool Pennsylvania on a lake.  Seems inviting!  Might be worth the trip and besides, I want to see Asheville NC and the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Second Improvisational Quilt

When I finished the last improvisational quilt top, there were still plenty of strips & bits leftover.  So, I just   started another one!  I’m amazed how easy it is to start new projects.  😎😎.  Yesterday I looked at my tub of improv pieces.  Lo & behold!  I think my 15 odd strips will work well with the started panels.  It will be Fabulous to combine all this into a lively quilt & empty that tub.  Did I say Empty?  

I’ll stitch this strippy style on the longarm where I piece & quilt simultaneously.  I’m aiming for a queen sized quilt with a wild colorful backing. I’m going to divide the sections with the solid turquoise fabric. I think some solid divisions will help all the chaos of the pieced sections.  
I anticipate giving this quilt to Hawkins.  He asked for my mom’s quilt  but I couldn’t give it to him!  Like her, he likes colors.  

Mocking up part of the 2nd panel.  That panel should be finished today.  

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Monday, June 13, 2022

Bathroom Update: Vanity counter top installed

The long awaited hall bathroom update has started! The painting is finished and I made some decisions about decorations.  I'm focusing on a natural theme-birds 7 butterflies. 

Hawkins delivered the countertop yesterday.  It's gorgeous!  Texas longleaf pine.  He'd given me a small Mesquite shelf last year and he hung it too.  It's all really pretty impressive!  

I bought the same sink as in my master bathroom and it wasn't until yesterday that I discovered I also bought the same faucet but in a shiny finish.  I guess I like what I like! 

What a sweet man!  So over the moon about him!  
He just shaved his already short beard;  it'll be back. 

See the sheer shower curtain in the background.  I decided the shower probably won't be used so I sewed some premade panels together for the curtain.  15 minutes later I hung it.  The large grommets eliminate the need for shower curtain rings.  It's "faux linen"  (100% polyester).  Really?  I like the color & the sheerness of it so I bought the premade panels (not thrifted-at Home Goods).  

When we started on the caulking I just about had a cow!  Clearly we had different ideas of how it should be applied.  Luckily, it wipes off well with a wet cloth if you act quickly!  

I still need a new mirror and then I'll hang the pictures around the vanity.  He's working on a bead board backsplash.  The counter has a protective finish against water.  

Some of my vintage birds flew in immediately for a spot on the shelf! 

As it turned out one of my abstract collage pieces looked very good on the wall opposite the vanity.  A small portion is behind the door but nothing that interrupts the effect of the piece.  Plus, the colors are so lovely!  

Little natural bits on this piece that help carry my theme. 

What do you think??
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Friday, June 10, 2022

Improvisational quilt top finished


I wish I could say this used up a lot of my scraps but, who am I kidding?   I bet I have enough of this group for another small quilt.  It’s so therapeutic for me to sit a little while and just stitch.  I’m going to give myself permission to make another top.  There’s joy in looking at many of my favorite fabrics sewn together.  Once it’s quilted that joy will be coupled with comfort and warmth.  

Speaking of warmth!  Oh My Goodness!  We’re headed for a heat wave & it’s early June   I hope this is not the summer forecast.   Thankfully Hawkins’ pool is open.    

How’s the summer heat in your part of the USA? 
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