Saturday, May 14, 2022

Bad Quilter!

I’m a lurker in a Facebook group for longarm quilters.  99% make their living quilting for hire.  Occasionally someone will post a quilt top a customer has given her to quilt. Invariably it has a combination of issues; one issue that continually gets discussed is a quilter’s inability to measure the borders correctly so they are flat.  

Well, I’m here to tell you today that bad quilter would have been me.  LOL!

I’ve picked up 3 hints along my 15 year longarm quilting journey:

1.   Spray starch & a hot iron will shrink some of the fullness out. 

2.   Taking a false seam will eliminate big wads of border.  

3.    Relax.  Who really cares anyway?   What’s a little wrinkle between friends?  

I had a feeling the border on my mom’s quilt wasn’t really flat.  I was right.  It’s flat now! 

Note to self:  how hard would it be to measure borders?  Really now! 

What look like flat borders to the naked eye really show their true identities when stretched out on the longarm bed.  All the supporting layers are very flat so if the top wrinkles or wobbles, it's obvious.

It's not obvious but I took a tuck about mid-border.  One reason I love print borders is they hide mistakes!  I'll hand stitch the tuck down so it's even less obvious.

And there you have it!  The tuck took away the initial fullness and the wavy quilting  smoothed down the remaining fullness.

I'll bind this baby and get it delivered to my parents soon.  Yippee Skippy!  

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Lovely Evening

My daughter in law is a very talented belly dancer, emcee and hosts an annual belly dance showcase performance called the Crimson Vagabond Roadshow.  This is her 10th year anniversary.  She was selected for an emerging artist program in Houston this winter that concentrated on helping artist fine tune their public artist personas.  Last night was graduation & each of the 25 artists presented a short story of their journey and examples of their work.  Very interesting!  For her presentation Laura explained the Crimson Vagabond Roadshow & then performed a number with Brent accompanying her on drums.  Just so fun & its great to see them enjoying music together. 

I was lucky enough to get a picture with that great drummer Brent!  

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Frugal Friday: Boho Clothes & Vintage Sheets

I stopped at the thrift on my way home today.  I'm loving my new straw hat so much I wanted to get a few summer items I could wear specifically with it.  Last night I wore it with a long summery gauze boho dress and cotton kimono jacket to dinner and felt so chic!  I think I'm going to have fun with it!

I spotted this denim skirt.  Unfortunately the zipper was trashed but when I asked the clerk reduced it in half.  I'll either replace the zipper or add hook & eyes.  
It has a slight olive green cast that I'll downplay.  I found a few tops so I think this will be a fun skirt for layering and wearing. 

I wanted a few blue dresses I could just slip on and go!  I matched a scarf or two and with my new hat and my loads of blue jewelry, I'm ready for anything. 

I found this grey and pale orange shrug/kimono that just WOWed me!  It has ruffles and shine.  It's a little out of my color range (oranges) but I couldn't leave it behind.  So, I built an outfit for it.  Three of these items still had their original store tags.  That always surprises me.  (New with tags) Grey tank, (New with tags) embroidered overdress, chunky lace skirt, (New with tags) shrug and the scarf totaled about $20.   This is going to be dynamite with my new hat! 

I was standing in the open door of the dressing room mocking it up in front of the mirror when I noticed a lady in line waving at me.  When I looked over, she gave me the 2 thumbs up signal.  Ha! ha!  What a hoot! 

The linen department did not disappoint.  3 vintage packaged sheets and duvet cover.  These will get used for The Grateful Threads Project. 

So happy thrifting trip for me!  
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Friday, May 6, 2022

Beautiful Friends & the Obama Portraits Tour

There is hardly anything in life that can replace the joy of a long beautiful friendship with another woman.   I've been blessed to have a few such friendships.

I met my friend Sandy (on the left below)  in 1981 when my 1st husband and I moved to Owasso OK.  We joined the brand new tiny Presbyterian church that was meeting in the elementary school.  Sandy's husband Charlie (who died a few years ago) was the minister.  Steve and I quickly became instrumental in building that church and I've loved Sandy from the early days until now.  She's been a very positive supporter in my life.  

I met Pat (on the right below) when I worked as a designer for Floor and Decor about 8 years ago.  She and her husband wanted to redo their kitchen and bathroom.  We worked tirelessly with her stubborn husband to get just the right look for them!  Pat invited me to join PEO and we've been good friends since that design adventure. 

When Sandy told me she was coming to town (her daughter lives in a Houston suburb) I knew the 3 of us would enjoy getting together.   And we did!  
We lunched at a quaint neighborhood restaurant in the museum district, visited Hawkins' brother's import store called Surroundings and oohed and aahed at the fine modern and antique goods from South America.   Then with what energy we had left we stopped in at the Museum of Fine Art and viewed the Obama Portraits Tour.

The portraits were fabulous!  Having the portraits in a large open space let them take center stage.  The commentary and information about the artists was very interesting. 

As quilters we were immediately drawn to Michelle's dress.  It was designed as homage to the Gee's Bend quilters.  I love that!  

First Lady Michelle Obama 

President Barack Obama
His background foliage with flowers represents the pertinent places in his life: Kenya, Hawaii & Illinois.   He wanted a very approachable posture that would invite people to look and feel comfortable. 

I enjoyed that the museum had backdrops for picture taking.  Being a bit of a ham, I couldn't resist!

I absolutely love this new boho look I am starting to curate.  So fun and expressive! 

When I picked up Sandy at her hotel I noticed these quilty artworks in the lobby.  Seemed like good indicators for the day!  

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