Thursday, June 30, 2022

Adventures in Salado TX : Deer & Magnolia Pearl clothes

I recently took a short trip to visit a girlfriend in Salado TX.  It's a small town north of Austin in the Hill Country region of TX.  My friend has a gazillion deer on her property; probably because she feeds them twice a day.  They are the best trained deer in TX.  If she doesn't have chow around mealtime, they'll come nosing around the patio or even come into the open garage!  I definitely enjoyed seeing them! 

One of the days I was there we took a stroll through the local shops.  One shop had a large selection of Magnolia Pearl clothes.  Magnolia Pearl is a Fredericksburg TX company known for their raw edge look.  I was immediately intrigued because this is the 1st time I've seen the clothes in a store. 

This lightweight coat really caught my eye.  All the diamonds are machine appliqued to a muslin base.  The edges are left raw and are already a bit shaggy.  Truly a serious amount of work--I believe the clothes are now sewn in India. 

Yep, I loved this one!  (below)


The bead shop had a few treasures I can use on my current Crazy Quilt.  I had to buy the deer charm!  

A fun trip!  

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  1. Oh wow....that appliqued Lone star there's a new idea to even make a quilt piece, right? Just let the ragged edges happen! But the price....yikes, just head to your own sewing machine! One more thought: I hope your friend is cognizant of the danger of deer ticks which carry Lyme's Disease which can be a serious illness.

  2. Beautiful clothing - - - but the prices - ouch.


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