Sunday, February 5, 2023

Strong Finish for January

 My main important goals for 2023 are: 

1.  Evaluate existing unfinished projects to decide to either

  •     Finish 
  •     Rework the pieces for some other idea
  •     Donate or pitch in the trash

2.  Finishing quilts for Harris County Emergency Shelter which temporarily houses teenagers which include:

  •     Quilt tops given to me
  •     My own quilts — which in a few cases have turned out to be the parts & pieces from other unfinished projects

To avoid getting too lopsided in one direction or another, I’m planning to take a day or two each week to work on my own projects.  

I was very proud of the strong finish I had in January.  When the month closed, I had 4 quilt tops ready to be pieced on the longarm, the backings prepared and binding cut, pressed & wound.  Several included parts & pieces from unfinished projects.  One (the blue one below), in particular, started as a table runner and was expanded into a strippy quilt section.  It’s definitely a step in the right direction!  Such a relief to have these organized.

I also put the hurt on my scrap stash with 6 large improvisational rectangles that will be a quilt top.  

It’s crazy how my “new to me” garbage picked drying rack worked so well to get the pieces organized.  

I also like having the bindings ready! 

This year all the short lengths of weird, ugly “what was I thinking” fabric is going to become bindings.  With scrap quilts I think that’s a fine idea! 

With all this organization going on, I’m feeling very motivated!  How’s your motivational level at the beginning of this new year? 

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