Thursday, December 3, 2020

Houston Murals: Graffitti Park in EADO (East Downtown)


The day started out rainy but we decided to go anyway!  Yea! 

I love the whole boombox spray paint Astros Dude! 

Tributes to George Floyd and Vanessa Guillen 
both from Houston 

Houston and the Class of 2020

Reminder to Love Big! 

Kobe (such a tragic loss) 

Houston Rappers (sadly, I don't know their names)

One of my favorites:  Mom 

Downtown Houston -- such a great skyline even in inclement weather 

I love Houston! 

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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Walking Houston's Parks

 I've been out exploring some of the beautiful Houston parks.  Houston has a long bayou running through much of it and one of my favorite parks is along the edge of that bayou.  

Galveston Beach--Inkweed

Small Oleander Garden in Galveston

Turtle Sunbathing

The woods are changing for the winter season.

Grapevines climbing trees

Pyracantha Tree as a centerpiece of the garden

Moss hanging on the trees looks like birds

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from my parents' garden

Friday, November 27, 2020

Totally Thrifted!

 I'm very lucky to live near a fabulous thrift store.  I am even luckier to have a fabulous friend who also lives near fabulous thrift stores.  I was able to pull together this cute outfit for dinner with my parents for Thanksgiving.

I'm embracing more colorful clothes.  They make me happy!  and happy is healthy! 

Cindy had this cute linen skirt in her Poshmark closet & I snagged it immediately.  I waited all summer to wear it but nada.  Last week I found the cute Toucan tshirt and felt it had a fun vibe that would work with the skirt.  The skirt is just great with the sisha trim around the hips.  So chic!  The funky red belt came from the Goodwill.  Silk scarf from my thrift store, necklaces from a friend who was downsizing her jewelry.  The little red suede Talbots loafers are new being resold on Poshmark.   I also had a dark turquoise short jacket I wore later in the evening.  It's really fun to pull together clothes!  I'm enjoying it so much lately. 

My parents' Christmas Cactus is starting to bloom.   The front plant is 25 years old! 

I hope your Thanksgiving was Fun and Fine!
My dad's birthday usually falls on Thanksgiving so I brought him a luscious chocolate cake.  Really yummy.

Look at this crocheted hat!  I snagged it this week.  I think it is handmade.  I expect to do all kinds of fun things with it.  I don't like the back of my neck to be cold so this is perfect.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Commission Quilts

 My friends were in town recently and Toni had a very large king quilt top for me to finish for her daughter's 50th birthday.  My longarm frame can't accommodate a king sized quilt unless I do it in sections.  So we took the quilt apart into 2 sections and I got busy quilting it. 

It turned out great!  The big reveal was this weekend!  It's always fun to be involved in the celebration quilts mark.  It's an additional blessing. 

Next up is a Tshirt quilt commission. It's a repeat customer which is always good!  I'm hoping to finish up by the end of the month on all my commissioned work.  

I've also started a little cooking again. It's been a long time but the pandemic is causing us to look at life differently, isn't it?  I've noticed so many good vegetarian recipes lately that I can't resist trying them. 

Here's a delicious easy quick main dish meal: Tomato & Spinach Ravioli 
It's from Supper with Michelle's website.  Try it! 

How are you?
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