Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Back to Reality

My Oklahoma guests are on the road back to Tulsa today.  It's always fun to have them visit and sad to have them leave.  

We were able to spend the day in Round Top TX which is the scene of one of the nation's biggest antique/flea market/craft/art shows.  It's held twice a year and this year the spring show was canceled.  

We explored a section and I came home with some ideas.

I love this sweater idea.  The vintage jewelry pieces were glued onto the original buttons.  The sweater had been shortened and lace added.  Great fabric brooch.

I don't know what possessed me to interact with this gal but I had some fun!

This poor gal had so many issues! 

If I had frivolous money & the room in my yard, I would have bought one of these barn toppers.

The halfway point home is always the DQ in Brenham.  

Toni & I did a little fabric shop hop yesterday.  We hit 2 quilt shops & a large JoAnn Fabrics.

After seeing the price of fabrics in the quilt shops I was reminded how much I need to use my good fabrics now on something I like for me.  I never thought I would see $12.49/yd on the end of a bolt of cotton. 

I found some earrings at Round Top & a few beads/trinkets at JoAnn Fabrics for my crazy quilt.

Now it's back to life in the fast lane.  I have a few quilt tops to finish for hire. Later in the week I am meeting a small business owner who called me today about running their embroidery department.   I chatted with her today about the idea of adding reclaimed clothes that feature embroidery and silk screening to the mix.  She seemed interested.  We'll see where this adventure goes! 

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Patchwork Duster

 And just like that I sat down and remade a dress into a duster!  I must be on a roll. 

I sewed this dress maybe 2 years ago when I was last on my patchwork clothes cycle.  

I used a 90s oversized blouse and added gathered tiers.  I wore it with a wide belt and it was cute but it looked too much like a square dance outfit to me.  I used to square dance, so I know these things.  Ha! Ha!  

Thankfully I have dropped the hips. Now I am back to looking like a string bean. 

Yesterday all of a sudden the wind picked up something fierce and blew a ton of leaves into my house.  I kid you not. 

As I was scrolling through Instagram this week I saw this clever idea for turning a shirt into a jacket.  I went scurrying into my closet to see what shirt I had that I could transform.  Turns out I thought this dress might be more fun.

Then I looked through my coveted fabrics (the ones I have saved for myself) and found some jelly rolls a friend had given me.  Yep, those were perfect! 

In some of my most decisive design moments Ever, I cut this dress down the front, pulled out the 2½" strips & pleated those babies into the most lovely ruffles Ever.  And I mean Ever.

I hand pleated them.  Watch out.  There may be more.  That was so relaxing & satisfying.

Trick/hint:  I starched the strips lightly so they folded nicely when they went under the presser foot.  I kept an even pace so it was easy to fold, stitch, fold, stitch my way along the length of fabric.  

I can hardly control my excitement.  This duster is going to be so versatile with everything I own:  dresses, jeans, my birthday suit.  You name it.  I've already pulled out a stack of accessories I can wear with it too. 

Oh Fun!
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Friday, October 23, 2020

Sugar Skull Jacket Finished!

I left the middle section plain because I have quite a few scarves I can wear that will fill in that space well,  

I've had that sequin star applique since the 1990s.  I'm happy it is finally being used.

I love the green pleated trim.  The turquoise strips are a shirt placket with additional buttons added.  

Not too shabby for a $1 Jean Jacket I got at the church rummage sale.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sugar Skull Jean Jacket: Almost Finished!

 A couple of detail pictures of my Sugar Skull Jean Jacket.  A few more hours of stitching today and it will be finished.  Yea!  

All of these embellishments are straight outta my stash.  It's fun to see some of them being used after waiting years for their 15 Minutes of Fame.  The green is from a ball of fabric torn and wound into a ball for knitting.  I've never knit with it but thought it would be good trim.  I just put it under the presser foot and bunched/pleated it with a stylus before stitching over it.  Works like a charm!  It softens the hard edges of the grosgrain ribbons. 


This is a torn batik pleated ruffle that covers the bottom knit band of the jean jacket.  I love it!  Just like the green strips, I pleated it under the pressure foot before stitching over it.  Very easy! 

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Vogue Fashion: Spring 2021

 I'm in the mood to loosen up my fashion style and be more daring.  Recently I was introduced to the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2021 Fashion Show.  It draws directly from patchwork.  Obviously, I love every bit of it.  Take a fun break and scroll through the slides. 

After watching it, I was motivated to subscribe to Vogue's daily newscast.  It really is quite fun to see the new interpretations of old favorites.  If you've been around as long as dirt, you will recognize the spin-offs.   I'll share a few that caught my attention.  The theme of the article is something to the effect: "The biggest shift in the garments that flashed across our screens is that, for the first time in a long time, these looked like clothes that are meant to be worn. The irony and irreverence of all those seasons dancing on the lip of a volcano in cake topper gowns has given way to something more thoughtful and realistic this season."  Thank you Pandemic. 

This is a nod to the punk rocker Patti Smith's style in the 1970s.  In my 1970s I was wearing Gunne Sax dresses & mini skirts.  I think I could actually pull off this Patti Smith inspired look now.  And likely, from thrifted clothes.

This is very appealing, especially when considering thrifted clothes. 
I really need a cache of cool boots.

Another riff on the patchwork coat.  So many variations and all of them fun! 

Absolutely!  I could sew this out of my stash today!   I've noticed a real movement toward mixing prints with abandon.  

Classic style fired up with some great bold prints.

So fabulous! 

Isn't this a great way to use those cheap funky fringed scarves from the thrift store?  

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