Friday, May 25, 2018

Quiltmaking Secret

For this current king sized quilt, I am using some thrifted fleece I bought a few months ago.  As luck would have it, someone donated a big pile of unfinished lengths that looked like they were going to be lap blankets.  The disadvantage is that they are all burgundy/red.  Most of the thrifted fleece is a dark color and it poses a particular problem: shadowing on light colored fabrics.  I don't want all my quilts to be dark (actually I rarely want any of them to be dark) so I came up with this solution.

A month or so ago I was working on a church committee that was cleaning out a resource area of a neighboring agency.  They were going to throw away a large box of white tshirts from a camp in 2016.  OK, that's not going to happen when I am around so I brought the box home.  My initial idea was to cut the knit into pieces for some easy baby quilts to sell.  That may still happen.

I pulled a few tshirts and cut wide strips about the width I knew I would be sewing for this king sized quilt.
Now when I have a light colored fabric, I just slip a piece of knit under the fabric before I sew it down.  It takes care of the shadow from the dark fleece without adding any bulk whatsoever.  You could say the patch is wearing an undershirt! 

Alright, now you know!  Have a Creative Day, Y'All!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

King Sized Quilt Progress Pictures

I sewed a pretty good portion of the middle section yesterday.  It's going to be a riot of color.  I can see that now!  Fun and energetic!  Using all kinds of scraps.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

King Sized Strippy Quilt

I've started the king sized quilt.  I will be sewing it in 2 sections.  The middle section is the section I am sewing now.  Then, I will sew another wide section, cut it in half vertically and sew it on either side of the middle section.  It's the only way I can accommodate a really wide quilt on my longarm.  And, with this patch/strippy style, it will work fine. 

My original plan has developed into a bit more scrappy than I thought originally.  I am trying to keep the patches larger since I know this quilt will be used a lot. 

Right after I put this on the frame I picked up another commission so today I plan to sew, sew, sew and hopefully get the 1st panel finished.

Have a Creative Day Y'All! 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Choosing Fabrics King Sized Quilt

I did a little digging through boxes last night to find some fabrics for Brent & Laura's new king sized quilt.  Brent had given me a stack of shirts & they tend to be tiny checks in very neutral colors so I want to balance them with some vivid prints.  I'll be sewing in my usual improv strippy quilt style.  I'm feeling the need to get back to some pleasurable sewing in a style that's easy and comfortable. 

When I was finished, I was reminded of the Food Quilt I sewed for Brent many years ago.  For a few years I collected food print fabrics; a fat quarter here, a half yard there.  By the time I got ready to sew his quilt, I had enough fabric for 3 king sized quilts!  I was feeling the same last night sorting through prints.  Truth be told, I could sew quilts for the rest of my life and probably still have some fabric for lining my coffin. :-)

I had a wonderful day yesterday.  I am the social media person for the church's stitching group, Mission Stitchers.  Their goal is to stitch items they sell at the fall Hearts and Hands festival.  The money raised is given as grant money to the various Houston organizations serving women and children.  There's a need for the inventory made during the year to reach a wider selling audience than just the 3 day fall festival.  Enter Yours Truly.  I'll be setting up a blog and Facebook page this week. 

I was also able to do a little shopping in a store other than a thrift store!  I know, surprise, surprise.  I came out with some fun skull earrings.  I'm working on developing my personal style a bit more. With my hair longer it's fun to have some new earrings and hair clips to wear.  I'm embracing what I love & want to wear.  It's been awhile since I've felt that freedom.  

Here's a great collection of summer dresses from my Poshmark store.
You can visit by using the widget in the right hand section of my blog.  My friend, Yoohoolady, designed the graphic.  Visit her store for classic styles; many plus sizes too.  

Have a Creative Day, Y'All!  

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ten Years Later and Lots of Washing

This bad boy followed me home recently. At one time it was a vivid quilt but since it's many washings and hard love, it's faded and torn.  It had some help from a well meaning dog too.  But, it's loved and the owners would like to have it repaired; even if it is just a bunch of patches on the blocks; like a bunch of patches.  I think I'll just replace it with a bigger quilt.  Laura tells me Brent likes to roll up like a burrito and this quilt is just not big enough for the two of them. 

I thought about repairing it & then I waxed nostalgic.  There are some clothes fabrics in here from Brent's junior high years and some of his dad's casual shirts.  It's mainly composed of 1990s fabrics.  The back is a combination of Indonesian fabrics from my short stay there in 1999. 

A few months ago when they cleaned out their clothes closet they gave me 1st dibs.  I culled a bunch of Brent's plaid shirts.  I think I'll clean out my tropical print rayon fabrics for the backing & add plaid for the front.  I guess it will be king sized. 

I've just about given up cotton batting.  Polyester fleece works so well and I can buy it on special at JoAnns when I can't find it thrifting.  


I pieced these blocks onto a foundation.  The foundation held up well but the cottons, well, they didn't fare so well.  

I wonder how long it will take me to get in the mood to work on this project.