Saturday, April 13, 2019

Nine Patch Quilt Instructions

9 Patchwork Quilt Kit

Beginner Friendly | Designed for Angel Tree Quilts for Prison Fellowship 
Sews into a 45 x 60 quilt top | Uses 108 5” squares

There are many variations for the 9 Patch Quilt Block.  There are also many layout options.  For this kit, the easiest variation has been chosen.  If you find another creative way to sew the squares, please let your creativity flow with it!  These quilts will be given to Kids.  The Quilt’s purpose is to bring comfort & joy.  Enjoy sewing this quilt top!

There are 2 Design Blocks:  One has Dark Corners & One has Light Corners  (or opposite prints) 
There is a Focal Print in the Middle
In the Kit, Sets of Prints are pinned together for a Block.  Evaluate which prints will be the Light Corners and which prints will be the Dark Corners.  (In some of the kits, it is very obvious.)
Sew 6 Blocks with Light corners and 6 Blocks with Dark corners.
Set the Blocks in an Alternating Pattern of Light and Dark Blocks.
The Quilt will be 3 Blocks Wide and 4 Rows Long =12 Blocks (3 x 4 Layout)
Use a ¼” Seam Allowance
Press the seams to the Dark Print

For efficiency:  Use Chain Stitching. 
To chain stitch, place 2 squares together, sew the seam & insert the next squares immediately following the previous squares.  There are a few stitches between the blocks. When you finish stitching the number you want, you can snip the squares apart.

To Sew the Block for the Dark Corners:
1.    Pair a Light Print with the Focal Print
2.   Chain Stitch together
3.   Pair the other 3 Light Prints with a Dark Print
4.   Chain Stitch together
5.   Snip apart
6.   Press the Seams to the Dark Print.  You should have 4 sets of 2 squares sewn together.
7.   With one set, sew the remaining square to the end.  You should have a dark-light-dark sequence of 3 squares
8.   Sew the 3 sets of 2 squares into 3 rows.
9.   Press seams to dark side
10.        Sew the 3 square set to the side of the 3 rows
11. Press the block

To Sew the Block for the Light Corners:
Follow the same steps for the Dark Print except pair a Dark Print with the Focal Print.
In the 3 square sequence:  light-dark-light
To Sew the Blocks Together:
1.    Layout the blocks –alternating the light and dark corner blocks for a checkerboard effect
2.   You should have 2 rows of light-dark-light blocks
3.   You should have 2 rows of dark-light-dark blocks
4.   Alternate the rows for a checkerboard effect
5.   Once the rows are sewn together, Press the top lightly.

You are Finished!   What Fun!  Thank You!

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Image may contain: stripes

Image may contain: stripes

Image may contain: stripes

Here are some other examples!  As you can see there is a lot of variety! 

Have a Creative Day Y'All! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

TShirt Pillows

Finished with 6 of these wonderful organic looking TShirt Pillows.  They are 100% reclaimed TShirts with a striped linen envelope back.

They will be available at my next art market:  Midtown Art in the Park
They are also available on-line; Message me
$40 each 

Have a Creative Day Y'All! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Goals: Knocking 'Em Down

Finished writing the class descriptions and profile for my sewing class proposal.  What a great exercise! 

After a little lunch I'm sewing the backs for the TShirt pillows!  Goals!  Knock 'em Out, Baby!

 Have a Creative Day, Y'All!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Running a Studio: Goal Setting

Running a Studio takes Work + Concentration! 
If my only focus was personal sewing and quilting, I wouldn't worry too much about goals.  Currently, my studio purpose is to create artwork to sell and accept commissioned work. 
Even when I know I am working to make the mortgage payment, it's easy enough to get sidetracked with shiny new ideas. In an effort to stay on track with some new shiny ideas I just created for myself recently, I've started writing weekly goals on Monday. 

What do you think? Can I make this week happen?

Have a Creative Day, Y'All!